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President, United Nations Security Council: Authorize AU & ECOWAS to protect UNESCO sites & people in Timbuktu & Gao

    1. President, United Nations Security Council (UN Security Council)
Created By    Joyce King   Atlanta, GA

We ask the United Nations Security Council to issue an emergency resolution authorizing the African Union (AU) and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)—and each member state  –to take all necessary steps to respond to the humanitarian crisis in Mali and to preserve the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Timbuktu and Gao.

In the guise of religious purification, foreign-backed Islamic extremists (Ansar Dine, MUJUAO, Boko Haram), claiming alliance with Al-Qaeda of the Desert (AQMI), are savagely and single-mindedly attacking the people, sacred shrines and World Heritage Sites in Mali. This ominous destruction is not without precedent. History teaches that the real intent is not only to destroy Africa’s history and cultural legacy but to redesign the African continent according to foreign interests. Thus, the destiny of a race is also playing out in Mali. We cannot allow this history to repeat itself.

Malian Culture Minister Diallo Fadima Touré’s “Cry from the heart,” has been felt around the world, as centuries-old monuments and shrines are being leveled and swept away like so much rubbish. With a profound appreciation of African history as the world’s history, UNESCO stands with those in Mali who seek to preserve Africa’s heritage. We join the international community in demanding an end to these crimes against the people of Mali and against human civilization.

Why should everyone, especially African Americans, be outraged? In his 1987 book, The Journey of the Songhai People, the great historian and teacher, the recently deceased Dr. Edward Robinson, Jr., explained that the enslaved ancestors of many Africans in the Americas—whether from Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, etc.–came from areas that were once part of the Songhoy Empire. Yet, how many of us know that African American history does not begin with slavery in the Americas? Timbuktu, where these religious extremist forces now celebrate their destruction of ancient Islamic manuscripts, mausoleums and tombs—the creations of Africans–was the site of Sankore University, Africa’s great 15th century world-class center of learning.

Who appreciates that Songhoy Emperor Askya Mohammed financed this highly advanced educational institution? Who is aware that Sunni Ali Ber, the founder of the Songhoy Empire, liberated Timbuktu in 1464 from Arab slave-trading domination? How many realize that it was the defeat and destruction of the Songhoy Empire in 1591, by similar invading mercenaries, that opened the way for the massive deportation and enslavement of our African ancestors?

Destroying Africa’s proud and informing history denies our heritage and resilient cultural identity and also robs all future generations of this vital human history. But there have always been fearless defenders who resisted, survived such onslaughts, and who did not forget. For example, in 1820, free Africans in New Jersey established a thriving community, which they named “Timbuctoo” that was an important stop on the Underground Railroad.  During this period when slavery was the law of the land, those African Americans were armed and valiantly defended themselves against “slave catchers.” This spirit of resistance exists in Mali today. Young people in Gao, facing-down heavily armed invaders with bare hands and brave hearts, have been shot dead. Undaunted, their present vigil protecting the ancient mosque of Askya Mohammed demands our support.

We call upon people of conscience of all backgrounds, everywhere, to stand with those in Mali determined to return legitimate power, peace and good democratic governance guided by ancient African wisdom to Mali’s citizens.

We ask that you sign this petition urging the UN Security Council—and all UN member states– ECOWAS and the African Union to bring an immediate end to the attacks on the people and sacred sites of Timbuktu and Gao for the sake of the world’s precious heritage in Mali.

Why People Are Signing

shyaam Shabaka

about 11 hours ago

I am shamed that our elected official have not stood up for justice and democratic values in Mali…Why are they allowing such atrocies to continue??/

Susan Goodwin

about 9 hours ago

It is obvious that there must be intervention by thinking people, Act now!

Debra Watkins

about 8 hours ago

To compel the United States to help stop the rape of Malian women, destruction of ancient manuscripts, and brute terrorism that is gripping the country of Mali

Dorothy Rice

about 7 hours ago

What a shameful act!

Hassimi Maiga

about 12 hours ago

To help and protect the people of Mali