An Open Letter

Open Letter to

      the African Heads of State,

      the African People and

      African Descent People Worldwide

Sixteen (16) million souls are in distress in Mali; Eight hundred (800) million people, within the countries whose destinies you are responsible for,wonder about your intentions;       One (1) billion Africans on the continent are watching you;

In the Americas, in Europe, on all the continents, the African Diaspora is concerned;

Everywhere, ravaged, degraded Africa, calls upon you;

And, the African conscience rises against any confiscation of its destiny, whatever form it takes. Are we condemned to intervene in History only as instruments in the hands of foreign forces,often with the complicity of the very same ones whose primary role is to defend us?

After the dehumanizing Trans-Saharan and Transatlantic enslavement, the division of our lands in Berlin, alienating colonization, phony independence, the unrestrained plundering of our resources by the multinationals, the subservience of our countries to the globalization of international organizations, and the introduction of European democracies in Africa, whose Great Electors are outside of Africa, what other kind of submission, what other kind of humiliation do we still need for a healthy anger to invade our hearts and for a righteous revolt to break our chains?


Black Africans are not easily fooled, they know that behind the events that are underway in Mali, foreign forces are involved pushing in front of them the specter of the disintegration of the continent and the redesign of our territory according to their interests. They know that the future of the continent and the destiny of a race are playing out in Mali.

In a democracy, the same way the power of the state is not to be conquered by weapons, claims of independence cannot be achieved only with weapons in hand. The principle of a return to a normal constitutional order is well understood, but what is it worth in the case of Mali, when it throws the country further between the hands of armed freedom fighters, who undermine the nation’s territorial integrity, and intolerant extremists who threaten the secular republican state?

African people are expecting you, Excellences, to be their first line of defense from the attacks carried out against them, and on an equal footing, without any complex, that you defend their interests, vis-a-vis all complicit partners.

In terms of hegemonies which threaten, the interest of the people is neither in the partition of Mali, nor in that of the continent, but in the union of Africa.

Since 1960 this unification of Africa was presented by Cheikh Anta Diop as “the single means to launch Black Africa on the slope of its historical destiny, once and for all”.

Fifty (50) years ago, by the same token, the visionary Ckeikh Anta Diop urged us “to oppose and not to accept any idea of the creation of a white state, from where ever it comes and where ever it is in Black Africa”.

On this African soil where the black man launched the walk of humanity, on this continent which was the theater for the mixture of the races of humankind and the encounter of great civilizations, the Black people of Africa should not be relegated to second-class rank in their own homeland.

We should find “a line of synthesis that is able to lead to a unique Africa which could, by the combined efforts of all of us, be engaged in the human adventure of people,” as Boubou Hama said, and this is the only viable solution.

Considering what African people have endured for several centuries, and Africa’s current situation, which is the result; let us call for an insurrection of moral conscience in Africa, in North and South America, in Europe, in Asia among all people of African descent in the world:

Against the degradation of Black people;

Against any form of extremism;

Against all the external and internal forces that work for the division of Africa in order to dominate African people and take over the wealth of the land and the mineral resources.

Dr. Farmo Moumouni El Hadj,

Philosopher and Writer

Gatineau, Canada

Dr. Hassimi Oumarou Maïga

Director of Research ISFRA-MESRS, Mali

Vice-President, Academy for Diaspora Literacy, Inc.,

Atlanta, GA USA.