Taking entrepreneurs to the next level of developing their businesses and assist individuals transitioning from employee to entrepreneurship and early-stage entrepreneurs. The program is conducted by experienced and successful entrepreneurs and business leaders. Boot Camp participants have the opportunity to join a growing dedicated network o f alumni worldwide to share business ideas, leads , opportunities, and best practices.

An annual event to examine best policies, best practices and best opportunities in key growth industries for small and medium-sized firms in Africa and the U.S. The long-term objective of the program is to achieve the following:

  • Growth of sustainable SMEs capable of contributing significantly to the creation of jobs and wealth in the U.S. and in Africa.
  • Creating access to new markets utilizing existing initiatives and policies of governments and multilateral institutions.
  • Building long-term business and institutional relationships that benefit U.S. and African SMEs.

RCA, SONY, Motown are recognized brands that have influenced or changed the social and cultural landscape of communities worldwide. T his speaks to the power of the media, music and entertainment industries. Uniting the World through Music is designed to utilize this power to contribute to global development through initiatives in entrepreneurship, innovation and intellectual property management.

Sharing wisdom and experience for growth and development. Business owners and their enterprises benefit from one-on-one mentoring, technical assistance, and solutions consulting available from the vast pool of professional expertise accessible to our organization.



When entrepreneurs take risks it is often the families that first feel the pressure, or enjoy the benefits, of the results of that decision.  We recognize this across national, gender or ethnic boundaries as we engage with others in entrepreneurial development globally. As we pursue our mission to create global business leaders and entrepreneurs, we feel duty bound to exercise some responsibility to assist the members of the families that are in need while the entrepreneurial process is taking place.

This campaign is being launched now with the full awareness of the post recession economic climate. Corporate philanthropy and individual giving have been on the decline and each day brings another question “what else can we expect”.  One thing is certain, it is the entrepreneurial spirit that will best create the positive change we so urgently seek. Within that spirit, we would like to engage you with the following:

  • Contribute something of value that someone will be willing to purchase on line through sharing on the NMBC Global Entrepreneurial Development Facebook account. The transaction will take place on Facebook, with payment through the NMBC PayPal account. It will be the responsibility of the seller to deliver the product or service to the buyer. NMBC Global can act as a facilitator if it is a complicated transaction. Your contribution will be tax-deductible and the proceeds of the sale will go the Family Fund.
  • Make a tax deductible contribution directly to the Fund.  Donations specifically to the “Entrepreneur Family Fund” can be made by check payable to NMBC Inc. (Memo Entrepreneur Family Fund) and mail to:

NMBC Global, 120 Broadway, 19th Fl., New York, NY 10271.

Or PayPal (

Each family being assisted will be thoroughly screened by NMBC, and must be engaged in an entrepreneurial endeavor that has met with the approval of the NMBC organization.  Detailed information on the families being assisted will be available through the NMBC Global staff.

For additional information contact:
NMBC Global

120 Broadway, 19th Floor.

New York, NY 10271

Tel (212) 693 5050

Fax (212) 693 5048

E mail

Facebook – NMBC Global Entrepreneurial Development

Twitter –


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