The following projects are available to provide (and enhance ) member opportunities for;




“In the realm of ideas everything depends on enthusiasm… in the real world all rests on perseverance.”– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  1. For more information about the Opportunities listed below – interested parties should contact Fmclymont1@nmbc.org

(a)    Consider Sponsorship of Uniting the World through Music and Food

Please click the following link to review the proposal for this project  https://nmbcglobal.wordpress.com/outcomes/uniting-the-world-through-music-and-food/

(b)  West African NMBC member is looking for a US partner to establish a helicopter service to serve the oil refining and tourism industries. Ref MS21G

(c)   Successful Canadian Corporate Governance and Compliance boutique accounting firm is seeking a U.S. partner to launch a new image and expanded line of Corporate Governance and compliance services.  The firm mainly offered Corporate Governance initiatives in line with the USA Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) 2002 Act and its Canadian equivalent i.e. Bill 198 for companies listed on both the Canadian and USA stock markets. As a result of the success this firm has accomplished since 2007, management decided to rebrand the firm and expand to capture the ever growing demand for compliance initiatives required for listed companies mainly in the Canadian Money Market sector. To achieve this objective though, it will require investment in marketing and brand development, business development management, professional staff sourcing and training to grow the business. Ref CC45P


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