NMBC Partners with Devconia, LLC


Welcome to NMBC Global Services


In partnership with Devconia, LLC, NMBC offers services to facilitate and provide an indispensible bridge to the African and U.S. markets to small and medium enterprises.   So if you are interested in expanding your business in an increasingly globalized business environment, NMBC Global service can help you find new international business partners in emerging and frontier markets.

If you’re outside the U.S. and looking for U.S. suppliers, our services can help you find U.S. suppliers of products and services.


Exporting your products and Services

NMBC Global can help you grow your international sales through the following services:

  • World-class market research and analysis with a strong local cultural focus
  • Trade events that promote your product or service to vetted buyers
  • Introductions to vetted buyers and distributors
  • Advisory services informed by local knowledge  through every step of the export process
  • Comprehensive due diligence

Importing your products and Services

NMBC Global can help you grow your international sales through the following services:

  • Introduction to potential U.S. or African suppliers
  • Advising and recommending suitable U.S. trade shows to visit
  • Invitation to join and participate in our networking programs and trade visitation events
  • Invitation to register on our database

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Advisory Services

NMBC in collaboration with our partners offers comprehensive political, social and cultural risk assessment and management for companies entering or expanding operations on the African continent.

  1. Leverage our comprehensive political and cultural risk methodology and deep cultural knowledge and understanding to identify opportunities while uncovering potential pitfalls
  2. Conduct risk assessment gap analyses for contingency planning
  3. Build, develop and complement culturally sensitive sustainability policies and procedures

Key Outcomes:

  • A comprehensive and tailored in-house training addressing ERM
  • A comprehensive report and risk assessment framework of existing and potential risk exposures.
  • Recommendations of practical steps that should be undertaken to minimize and address risk factors
  • An improved and tailored sustainability framework
  • Assistance in local community development strategy